SEAdLINNNG LIVE STREAM! 【December 29th, @Korakuen Hall】

[December 29th, SEAdLINNNG Korakuen Hall LiVE Streaming
If you can’t make it to the event, be sure to check out the live stream!

★Streaming starts at around 18:30.


★: ¥3,500

★: NANAE ticket ¥ 7,770
(Includes Nanae Takahashi message video, key ring, DVD-selection of Nanae Takahashi )

Watching/buying tickets for live stream will be both available on the same website.

Ryo Mizunami (champion) vs Arisa Nakajima (challenger)

*The 6th champion’s 3rd defense. If the challenger wins, she will become the 7th champion.

(Champions) Nanae Takahashi & Hiroyo Matsumoto vs (Challengers) Makoto & Asuka

*The 10th champion team’s first defense match. If the challenger team wins, they will become the 11th champions.
Last match for Nanae Takahashi in SEAdLINNNG

Rina Yamashita & Itsuki Aoki (Shawn Capture) & X
Hanako Nakamori(PURE-J) & Tsukasa Fujimoto(Ice Ribbon) & Saki Akai(DDT)

Mayumi Ozaki(OZ Academy) vs Rico Kaiju

Yumiko Hotta(T-HEARTS) vs Chikayo Nagashima vs Tsukushi Haruka(Ice Ribbon) vs Ayame Sasamura(2AW) vs Chie Ozora(PURE-J)
*Referee: Taiyo Natsuki

Yuu(EVE) vs Rico Kawahata(T-HEARTS)
☆Twin unit “ASUKYO” will perform as an opening act from 6:35pm.

○Tipping tickets for supporters

★500 JPY / no privilege

★1,500 JPY / Digital photo autograph (player of your choice) 

★2,000 JPY / Digital photo autograph + digital photo of five SEAdLINNNG members

★3,000 JPY / Digital photo + message video of five SEAdLINNNG members

★4,000 JPY / DVD containing all matches from Dec.29 tournament+tournament photo panel+digital photos of five SEAdLINNNG members

*Tipping tickets are not for live stream.
*You will need a separate ticket to watch the live stream.
*You can watch the archive as many times as you want from 12/29 to 1/5 !

■How to watch the live streaming

Please check the following URL “How to watch the live streaming”.